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Meet the Team

Our People Make Us Different


KCI Wireless is a leading provider of wireless communication equipment and services for T-Mobile. We have a well-established reputation for quality, technical expertise, and integrity. Our credo is centered on all that we represent. We are a learning and executing company. Our focus is not external, but on the quality of service we provide. We strive for excellence in all aspects of the business. Most important we are personally accountable for our actions.

We are an exclusive master agent who has been in partnership with T-mobile since 1993. We represent a company driven by excellence in all aspects of the business. 


Our mission is to empower our employees to become the driving force in our business and build on their business acumen. Our employees' skillsets, interests, and desires are diverse, but they all share one thing: they want to develop themselves to be top performers in their fields.


We believe that if you give your employees a voice, they will take ownership of their role in the company and will be motivated to succeed. This mindset has helped us grow into one of the most successful TPRs in our industry, and we are excited about what's next for us!

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